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These terms and conditions - which will be amended from time to time - apply to all services made available online or by e-mail or by telephone directly or indirectly (via our partners). By going to our website, viewing the pages, making use of them and / or making a reservation, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and understood the following terms and conditions (including the privacy statement). agrees.


valuestay.be observes high ethical guidelines and respects your privacy. For more information you can read our privacy policy.


Each reservation is immediately and payable in cash at the time of the reservation, unless explicitly stipulated in the contract or quotation.

In the absence of immediate payment of the reservation or of invoice on the due date, interest of 10% will be claimed by operation of law and without notice of default, as well as (equally by operation of law and without notice of default) a lump sum payment of 10% on the invoice amount (with a minimum of 75.00 €) as a damage clause.

The Customer will claim neither discounts on the price nor any right of retention or settlement on the payment of invoices and / or reservations, unless specifically agreed.

Value Stay reserves the right to suspend performance without notice or notice of default in the event of an unpaid reservation and / or invoice, even if this concerns performance and / or rental agreements still in progress. Value Stay reserves the right to retain all goods in the flats to further guarantee the payment of the amounts due and to deny access to the rented apartment (s).

Offered services

Value Stay will always try to perform its services to the best of its ability.

By making a reservation in one of the Value Stay residences, you enter into a rental contract with Value Stay. Value Stay offers room-related accommodations and holiday homes, which are registered or recognized by or through Tourism Flanders.

You rent a room, studio or apartment in the condition it is in. All advertised or advertised photos are purely indicative and can not create any rights.

Cancellation policy

Several cancellation conditions may apply to the Agreement between Value Stay and the Customer, depending on the rate chosen by the customer:

Refundable rate:

You opted for a flexible rate, this implies that you can cancel up to 24 hours before arrival without being charged. The paid reservation value will be refunded in full if it has already been paid. In case of a no show, 100% of the booking value is for the account of the Customer and thus cancellation costs are due at the rate of 100% of the price of the canceled reservation (s). Value Stay is not responsible for possible exchange losses.

Non-Refundable rate:

You chose the cheapest rate, but this implies that no flexibility is possible in the reservation (s). The full amount must be paid in full so that your booking can be guaranteed. In case of cancellation, change or no show, the cancellation costs are 100% of the price of the canceled reservation (s).

Cancellation, changes and / or additions

Any change, booking or cancellation must always be communicated in writing by e-mail to Value Stay at the e-mail address bookings@value-stay.be. These adjustments are subject to availability and are only definitive after written confirmation by Value Stay. Price adjustments are possible taking into account the prevailing rate at that time.

In case of an early departure from the rented apartment, it does not relieve him of his contractual obligations.

Credit cards

Please note that upon acceptance of your booking by Value Stay the amount due will be charged to your credit card immediately.

The customer must present the credit card used to make the reservation upon check-in. If the customer is not able to display this credit card or is not the holder of this credit card, an authorization form must be filled in by the rightful holder of the credit card. If neither the credit card with which the booking was made nor an authorization form is available, Value Stay reserves the right to request payment in cash from the reservation (s) and to refund the previous invoice.

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